Training program

Training network

Edulia will address the question of how to balance food pleasure and nutritional needs for children in a changing society? Edulia’s approach  will cover the main determinants of preferences, bringing together leading scientists in the children’s Food Choice arena, devoted to the training of eleven early stage researchers (ESRs)  who will become experts at the interface of the following complementary fields: Food Science, Sensory Science and Perception, Sensometrics, Human Nutrition, Consumer Behaviour, Eating Behaviour, Social Marketing, Food Socialization, Psychology, Cognitive Science and Neurosciences.

Edulia’s training program will be structured based on the MSCA philosophy that ITNs should “shape future generations of entrepreneurial researchers capable of contributing effectively to the knowledge-based economy and society”. Once recruited, a personalised career development plan will be developed with each ESR, setting a timetable, and indicating needs and opportunities.

Specific research training needs and complementary skills will be detailed in each plan, taking into consideration the background of each ESR.The overall training programme of Edulia is designed to make the best use of the expertise and training facilities available in the network and host institutions. Wherever possible, external training opportunities are planned to maximise the benefits of mobility. The training structure for all the ESRs will include four areas balancing academic and non-academic training


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