• Methods for studying children’s sensory and hedonic perception of food products, submitted paper (D3.1), submitted paper
  • Listening to children voices in new product development – a creative approach with preadolescents (D3.2), submitted paper
  • New statistical approaches for analyzing individual differences in indirect data, submitted paper (D3.4), submitted paper


  • Sugar reduction in products targeted ad children: Why are we not there yet?  (D4.3)    executive summary, scientific paper
  • The role of food packaging on children’s diet: Insights for the design of comprehensive regulations to encourage healthier eating habits in childhood and beyond (D4.6), executive summary, scientific paper


  • The role of taste (sugar, salt) on the regulation of food intake in a single exposure (D5.1), submitted paper
  • Effect of parental rules on sweetness exposure and sweetness liking in infants (D5.2), submitted paper
  • Role of taste on preferences and food intake after repeated exposure (D5.3) executive summary
  • Effect of public health guidelines on parental feeding practices and children’s eating behaviour (D5.4) full report with executive summary


  • Guidelines: managing feeding practices of caregivers, in family and school food catering context; nudges for improving food choice at home and beyond (D6.2) guidelines
  • Selection of four papers on social influences on children healthy eating habits (D6.3),  executive summary
  • Final report WP6: Social influences of children’s eating behaviour (D6.4) executive summary, full report 


  • Literature review on factors influencing parental dietary habits (D7.1) executive summary
  • Cross-country study with new parents, perceived changes of behaviour during transition to parenthood (D7.2) executive summary
  • Nudging study on parental and children’s healthy eating behaviour  (D7.4)  executive summary, full report
  • Recommendations and implications for food product development, marketing and social marketing (D7.5) executive summary, full report
  • Guidelines: implementation of nudges with specific attention to the role of intrinsic healthy eating motivations. Expanding food worlds of pre-adolescents. Practical guidelines to support pre-adolescents in eating healthy outside home in a tempting food environment (D7.6) executive summary, complete guidelines
  • Final report WP7: Children’s healthy eating environment: Nudging and social marketing, full report with executive summary