Eurosense 2020 – a sense of innovation – Online

Dec 2020

  Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Due to Covid-19 Eurosense will this year be an online conference. We foresee that many conferences will be online also next year, so it is best to get used to ut.

Several Edulia ESRs as well as researchers within the network will present in Eurosense.

Presentations from Edulia ESRs

Ervina (ESR2): Investigating the relationship between taste sensitivity and food liking in 11-year-old children (presentation)

Kaat Philipe (ESR7):  “Child eating behaviours and parental feeding practices during the COVID-19 lockdown in France: did they change?” (Flash presentation)

Ana Laura Velasquez (ESR11): Can children complete the A-not A test (poster)