On the Creation of Conscious Eaters

Photo CC: Joe Urrutia/Nofima

I chose the pathway of a researcher because of my passion about food behavior and sensory science. We, the researchers, take on a big responsibility on trying to change what and how children should eat. But what can we do that both research and real life benefit from each other? In fact, we need to think of better ways to bridge the worlds of science and real life. In my project I investigate emotions that are elicited when eating food and their connection to the food’s sensory properties.

But I sometimes ask myself the question; How should we conduct a study successfully, if children do not even know what umami or an emotion is? I think, we need to teach children these fundamental things like how 1) to taste and perceive food with all five senses and 2) to describe how food makes us feel. This is how we create more conscious eaters with the ability to think about their food choices more critically, hence, choosing healthier foods

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