Video of father & daughter enjoying the superpowers of healthy eating! 

Father and daughter

Fifteen Danish families are taking part in “My daddy is a food explorer” – a food intervention for fathers&kids.

In previous investigation Danish mothers indicated child’s and partner’s resistance to try new vegetables as a constraint to a more varied diet in the household (Moura & Aschemann-Witzel, 2020).  “My daddy is a food explorer” is an attempt to make healthy eating easier and more enjoyable for families with young children.

Due to covid restrictions, the project has been adapted to a full online version. Families received a story book about four different vegetables, and a meal box with recipes to be prepared by fathers together with their kids.

Check out how a little girl and her daddy feel stronger with a spinach smoothie!


We thank the family for recording their experience and allowing us to share in the Edulia social media channels!

The interventions is conducted in partnership with Arla Foods Amba and Fars Køkkenskole.


Moura, A. F., & Aschemann-Witzel, J. (2020). A downturn or a window of opportunity? How Danish and French parents perceive changes in healthy eating in the transition to parenthood. Appetite. doi:

Father and daughter in kitchen

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