Edulia fun facts

Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash

Research involves data collection, this can be observations, interviews, questionnaires, measurements or a combination of several. In Edulia our 11 early stage researchers (ESRs) cover several scientific disciplines and a wide range of research methodology and study designs.

Here are some numbers and fun facts to illustrate how Edulia involves much more people than the scientists.  Since Edulia focus on children, we need to get in touch with children in different age groups. We have therefore been lucky to be allowed to collaborate with 52 schools/day care centres for data collection and experiments.)

1150 children involved
The ESRs have involved around 1150 children in our data collection, either by answering questionnaires, tasting solutions or products, or taken part in co-creation experiments. Without collaborations with schools this would not have been possible

Almost 2000 parents
One of the research objectives in Edulia is to develop good guidelines to parents. Hence, we need to know about what parents do. Therefore, 1913 parents have been answering online surveys, or been interviewed.

4725 tasting samples in one experiment
Some experiments involve also tasting. The total number of samples served in a test, varies a lot between experiments. In one experiment 4725 samples of sugar-reduced products where served. Altogether, 35-45 l of chocolate milk, vanilla yoghurt and vanilla desserts where made for this experiment. Another experiment comprised more than 4900 cups of basic-taste solutions. An experiment with less extenstive tasting comprised 540 samples, as there were less variants to be tasted by each child.

6200 questions
A summary of different questionnaires and qualitative interviews shows that around 6200 questions have been asked.

301 pediatricians
Online surveys have been conducted with 301 pediatricians


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