How is Edulia affected by the Corona situation?


The closing down of universities, research centres and schools across many countries in Europe, has of course influenced also the people involved in Edulia, and all beneficiary partners within the project are affect by the situation.

Currently, many of the ESRs and their supervisors have to work from home in isolation as many other people. Luckily, we as researchers are in a situation where a lot of work can be done from home –writing papers, analysing data, prepare protocols and so on. However, it can be hard to work in isolation, maybe especially for the ESRs as they do not live in their home country and far away from family and old friends.

Several of the ESRs are currently on secondments, which means that they visit a different institute than where they are employed. The idea behind this is of course to gather experience from different places and labs, and to build up their network for later stages of their careers. The networking is of course challenging when you are supposed to isolate yourself. Nevertheless, options for digital meetings are many, and we improve on utilising these tools better day by day.

Finally, some plans for data collection have been postponed at the moment. Going to schools or inviting people to research locations is at the moment problematic in the countries with corona-lockdown, so some plans on data collections have already been changed due to the situation.

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