Edulia webinar from Institut Paul Bocuse: Cognitive and Social variables modulating food rejection (or acceptance) in children.

Institut Paul Bocuse

Edulia partner Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center will organises a webinar the 29th of April on cognitive and social variables modulating food rejection (or acceptance) in children.


Food acceptance and rejection depend on multiple factors. In this webinar, researchers will present their ongoing projects on the influence of food processing and transformation (D. Foinant, C. Coricelli), the influence of different types of knowledge about food (A. Pickard), and the influence of social factors such as parental practices (K. Philippe) on food behavior. From these results, recommendations will be derived about what efficient food education programs targeting children should look like, and conclusions will be drawn about the way our brain is dealing with the complexity of our food environment.

Program outline

Please see the full program with presentation of speakers here

13 – 15 | Session 1 : Cognitive and Social variables modulating food rejection (or acceptance) in children.

13:00 – 13:15 Jérémie Lafraire,  Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center, Welcome

13:15 – 14 Abigail Pickard (IPBR/LEAD/UBFC) “Spill the Beans”.  The development of conceptual knowledge about food and its relationship with food rejections tendencies in young children 

14:00– 14.45: Kaat Philippe (INRAE, CSGA). Are parental feeding practices gendered? Links between maternal and paternal feeding practices and child eating behaviors.

15 – 17 | Session 2 : Food transformation and food acceptance

15:00– 15.30: Damien Foinant (LEAD/IPBR/UBFC)  Fatal errors in the food domain: children’s categorization performance and strategy depend on both food processing and neophobic dispositions. 

15:30 – 16.30: Carol Coricelli (University of Western Ontario, London, Canada)  Cook it if you can. Disentangling the brain representations of unprocessed and processed foods.   

16.30 – 18 : Questions and Exchanges


Instructions to follow to attend the Webinar & Seminar

In this exceptional period of confinement, the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center’s team would be please to count you among its participants to its Research Seminar, which will take place only by web conference.

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