Edulia Conference – Florence June 2022

The final conference was planned and rescheduled several times. The original plan was to organise a conference together with the last consortium meeting. However, because of the risk that ESRs could not participate due to new obligations, it was decided to organise an Edulia conference spring/winter 2021. Due to the pandemic this was postponed multiple times, but could finally be organised, at the end of the project, in June 2022.

The conference gathered researchers and industry engaged with children and healthy eating across Europe, with 25 participants in addition to 33 participants representing institutions/industry in the Edulia consortium. Unfortunately, three of the ESRs could not join because of obligations in new positions or troubles with visa and travel restrictions, however, they could present their work through video-recording. The conferences presented results from Edulia by presentations of ESRs. The presentations were organised into five sessions

  1. Driving healthy eating through sensory pleasure (introduced by Gerry Jaeger)
  2. Supporting a healthy start in life (parents & peers) (introduced by Jessica Aschemann-Witzel)
  3. Promoting healthier environments (introduced by Ellen van Kleef)
  4. Empowering children and parents through food knowledge (introduced by Jeremie Lafraire)
  5. New methods for sensory and affective testing with children (introduced by Sarah Spinelli)

In addition, there were two keynote presentations “What veggies would teens like? Factors affecting vegetable preference and intake in European adolescents. Evidence from the VeggiEat Project” by Caterina Dinella, and “Early development of children’s food preferences and eating habits” by Sylvie Issanchou. A panel discussion “Translating science into practice, how to increase the impact of children healthy eating research” was organised with representatives from research, marketing, and industry. Finally, there were eight presentations given by external participants

The full conference program is presented online:


Pens for participants

Roselinde van Nee (ESR4, WUR)

Julia Sick (ESR3, UNIFI)

Paula Varela (project leader, Nofima)

Jessica Aschemann Witzel (University if Århus)

Conference participants at “aperitivo” in Forte de Belvedere (From left in front: Jessica Aschemann Witzel, Leticia Vidal, Hely Tourila, in the back: Gaston Ares and Paula Varela)

Carina Mueller (ESR5, WUR)

Gerry Jager (WUR)

Caterina Dinella (UNIFI)



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