New PhD on maternal and paternal feeding practices

A big congratulation to Kaat Philippe who Friday 22.10.2021  defended her thesis in psychology. The thesis was entitled “Maternal and paternal feeding practices: links with young children’s eating behaviours and influencing factors. a systemic approach”  A summary of her thesis, can be found here (both in English and French).


Supervisors: Dr. Sandrine Monnery-Patris and Dr. Sylvie Issanchou

Institution: Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté and INRAE Dijon – Center for Taste and Feeding Behaviour (CSGA)

Placement and duration of secondments: Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center (France, 2 months), Aarhus University (Denmark, 6 months)

Committee: Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Blissett (Aston University, UK), Dr. Gertrude Zeinstra (Wageningen University and Research, NL), Dr. Leigh Gibson (University of Roehampton, UK), Prof. Dr. Edith Salès-Wuillemin


Papers included in the thesis

Philippe, K., Chabanet, C., Issanchou, S., & Monnery-Patris, S. (2021). Child eating behaviors, parental feeding practices and food shopping motivations during the COVID-19 lockdown in France: (How) did they change? Appetite, 161, 105132.

Philippe, K., Chabanet, C., Issanchou, S., & Monnery-Patris, S. (2021). Are food parenting practices gendered? Impact of mothers’ and fathers’ practices on their child’s eating behaviors. Appetite, 105433.

Philippe, K., Issanchou, S., Roger, A., Feyen, V., & Monnery-Patris, S. (2021). How do French parents determine portion sizes for their pre-schooler? A qualitative exploration of the parent-child division of responsibility and influencing factors. Nutrients, 13(8), 2769.  

Philippe, K., Issanchou, S., Monnery-Patris, S. (2022). Contrasts and ambivalences in French parents’ experiences regarding changes in eating and cooking behaviours during the COVID-19 lockdown. Food Quality and Preference, 96, 104386

Philippe, K., Chabanet, C., Issanchou, S., & Monnery-Patris, S. (2021). Young children’s eating in the absence of hunger: links with child inhibitory control, child BMI, and maternal controlling feeding practices. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 653408.

Philippe, K., Chabanet, C., Issanchou, S., Grønhøj, A., Aschemann-Witzel, J., & Monnery-Patris, S. (2022). Parental feeding practices and parental involvement in child feeding in Denmark: gender differences and predictors. Appetite, 170, 105876.



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