Edulia in prime time TV in Norway

Nofima’s activities on children and sensory science was presented prime time in Norwegian television, on the show “Norge nå”

Challenges when doing research with children

Children are challenging research objects. They cannot focus for longer periods of time, they cannot read, they don’t want to sit still, but to play, and are not always good at explaining themselfes. Therefore special methods are needed to find out what sensory perceptions they have, what they like and so on.

Learning from childrens’ play

Paula Varela, coordinator of Edulia, explained that we need to make children want healthier food, instead of teaching them what is healthy. She further explained that when we do research with children, we need to learn about their sensitivity and preferences by extracting  information from their play. You can see her in the film below, from 14:20 minutes into the film. She speaks in Norwegian, otherwise the video is in English

You can watch the full film here .

Norway now – Norge Nå

The NRK program “Norge nå”  sends directly on a daily basis from different places in Norway. The show aims to show a range of people and topics throughout the country. On the 10’th of April NRK visited Nofima in Ås, to present some of the research Nofima does with children and sensory sciences.  They highlighted  problems related to measuring sensory properties and challenges when children are the test persons. Geitmyra food culture center for children was also on the agenda.